Toy Story 3 (2010)

When I tell people this is one of my all time favorites, they usually giggle. And then I pull my serious face. Okay, I know, it fades after 2 seconds because I don't have a serious face. But I do mean it – Toy Story 3 is one of my utmost favorite movies EVER.

And why's that, you ask? It's the essence of missing childhood, for me.

I was a 5th grader when the first movie came out. I had a 4 years old brother and a pregnant mommy at home, which pretty much implies tons and tons of dubbed tapes shuffling. One of which was Toy Story, which my brother LOVED (I preferred watching Peter Pan or The Princess Bride, but hey, you can't always get what you want). BTW – it's the first full-length computer-animated movie ever made. Respect.

back to Toy Story 3.  Andy (the toys' owner) is going to college. He needs to decide what to do with his toys before he moves out of the house. The movie begins with the toys laying in their box, trying to manipulate Andy to touch them, after he hasn't played them for a long time. To me – this scene is no less emotional than the ending score. What could be more tragic than your childhood calling you, as much as you seek for it? It is so symbolic and beautifully presented.

The movie continues with the exhausting journey the toys go through, after mistakenly being donated to Sunnyside day-care, where they are abused by snotty children (ew, children are gruesome) and lotso, the dictator-of-a-bear (which was abandoned by its first owner, thus leaving him susceptible to psycho-analysis. Unkrich & Arndt are geniuses).

The movie ends with the notion of saying goodbye to childhood. Learning that even though you're growing old, you can always come back and say hello to your toys, play with them for a while and remember you've got a friend in them and in long gone memories. I'll play this post out.

BTW – all that said, I've never watched Toy Story 2 🙂

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