Nothing Sacred (1937)

First of all – you can watch this movie (at full) here.

Nowadays, when each one of us can become the 'Big Brother' for a swarm of mini-celebrities on every possible TV channel (Okay, all but channel 8), this film should really be honored.

Hazel Flagg (played by Carol Lombard) is a young misfortunate gal. She had been misdiagnosed with Radium poisoning, and now that she's lost compensation money and is healthy as a bull, she reminisces her upcoming death. Unfortunately, young journalist named Wally Cook (played by Fredric March) is not aware of miss Flagg's resurrection, and he offers her a trip to NYC in exchange for the hottest story about the girl who's about to die and just wants to spend her last moments in New York.

Mr. Cook presents Hazel with all the goods New-York has to offer – she's being praised and loved by all. Hazel is the town favorite, she's even granted with the NYC key by the mayor. She's so loved and appreciated, that she starts taking regret in ever thinking of dying on them.

This movie is one hell of a social criticism; I believe more now than it had ever been. The rocketing stardom of the plain, simple and dull seems like the current Olympic sports. While Hazel is awarded with the key to the city, we're giving up our education in favor of reality shows and the 'instant' culture.

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